Watch & Learn Hebrew- Levels 4-5

For intermediate & advanced students wishing to improve their daily Hebrew, through mediated watching of an Israeli TV series. The mediation process encourages active listening and includes reading the transcript.

In this course you will watch an Israeli television drama series that explores universal themes such as unrequited love, extramarital attractions and feelings of underachievement.

The mediated viewing of the series will enrich your spoken Hebrew and understanding of Israeli and Jewish culture.

Classes take place once a week and last an hour and a half. Each class focuses on the study of a few scenes – reading the script, learning new vocabulary and expressions, and guided listening.

Individual 1 hour lesson: $65 (not including the book)

A 10-lessons card: $600 (not including the book)

Group (min. 3) for 10 lessons of 1.5 hour: $1,000